About Emily

Emily M. Morgan is an author and linguist from Tasmania, Australia. She has completed a master’s degree in applied linguistics and is currently completing a PhD in linguistics in education. Emily’s career background is in TESOL for all ages and in adult education, including course and curriculum development. Emily is an accomplished public speaker and speaking coach. In her spare time, Emily writes fiction, and has published on a number of nonfiction subjects.

Writing Career:

Emily has published articles on parenting, food, speaking and presenting, and small business, which you can find on websites such as Medium, Mouths of Mums and Start Up Mum. Visit her Articles page for a roundup of some of her articles, or check out her Blog.

She is an experienced book reviewer in the genres of cooking, parenting nonfiction and children’s fiction. Emily has also published two books: The Informed Parent, for people who want to feel confident about making the smart decisions when negotiating the vast amounts of information available on parenting; and Parent or Visitor? YOU Decide, a book of practical tips and advice for long distance parents or parents seeking to build or rebuild lasting connections with their children after an absence. Both of these books are available for you to download FREE at the links above. See also Emily’s Books posts for other downloadable books including coloring journals and parenting journals.

Personal Life:

Emily is a single mother by choice to two amazing kids. She lives in the most beautiful place in the world (according to her, anyway) in a large, multi-generation household in the countryside. Emily loves to travel both on and off the beaten track, to read anything and everything, to have adventures with her kids, to explore the world of language and languages and to teach others.

This Website:

This website will keep you up to date with Emily’s published work, upcoming projects, thoughts on language and life, and whatever else Emily thinks of! Visit her blog or sign up below to receive occasional email updates and news.

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