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Please visit Emily’s profile on Medium or check out her publications, Life Your Way and Linguist, for regular writing. There is a paywall on Medium (you get 5 articles for free) but membership is only $5 per month, and it goes to paying the writers, so please consider signing up. There is some really top quality content there!

Here is a list of some of Emily’s recent articles. Enjoy!


Want to Raise a Reader? Visit Your Local Library – It’s Changed A LOT

8 Tips For Flying With Your Baby: When The World Opens Up, Be Ready!

Reading Aloud To Kids: It’s All In The Melodrama!

Finding Your Spark


Renouncing Good Enough: The Choice to Become a Single Parent is My Feminism


Worrying About My Brown Children: Reflections of A White Mother of Mixed Race Children

Ever Thought of Becoming A Citizen Scientist? You Can!

When Routines Just Don’t Work for You

In Search of Contentment: How To Find The Quiet Joy In Your Life

Redefining Family: Families Are Made, Not Born

Cooking and Food

The Forgotten, Ancient Cuisine of Australia: It Might Just Save Us All

Wildfire! Uncontrolled Cooking Fires: Humanity’s Greatest Cooking Tool Is Also Our Most Dangerous

When Curry Goes Crazy: What To Do When Your Curry Is All Unbalanced And Needs A Little TLC


English As It Is: The Beauty of Diversity

Sing a Song of Sixpence: The Mysterious Origins of Nursery Rhymes

You Ultracrepidarian! Words That Really Deserve A Revival, Especially Right Now

Burn, Freeze or Drown? What Language Can Tell Us About The Cooking Habits Of Our Ancestors


Thanks But No Thanks: Rejection Slips Can Still Encourage, But Please Stop Making Us Submit Via Snail Mail!

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