The New Normal – Playing with COVID-19


If you have kids, have you been watching them or listening to their play in recent days? COVID-19 has certainly impacted our lives as adults. But have we stopped to think about the impacts on our kids? Not to mention how they are coping with it all?

I’m not the only one noticing what our kids are up to. Recently I saw this tweet – priceless!

There are now books coming out for kids and for parents on the coronavirus, including one by that fabulous illustrator, Alex Scheffer, and one by Susannah Hale in the Princess in Black series. Check out more here:

P is for Pandemic

It never fails to impress me how children have the ability to process experiences through play. On Medium, I posted this article on my children’s games using their new stimulus – COVID-19. I hope you enjoy it!

The New Normal – Playing with COVID-19

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