Wishes Series – Journals for Parents

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The Wishes series was designed for new parents or grandparents to note down their thoughts on life – not only for their own reflection during those early years of the parenting journey, but also as a gift to hand on to their child when the time is right. While the pdf versions may not be quite as pretty as a bound book, I hope that the ideas and prompts here will inspire you to keep a diary of your time with your child, while the memories are still fresh. It’s sad but true: that moment you’re in right now – where your baby is doing something unspeakably cute or clever – that moment will disappear as if it never existed. It may take a week, a month or a year – but it will be gone. Right now, at this moment, it’s EVERYTHING to you. But your brain is a fickle storage device. Capture those moments now, before they waft away on the breeze of life.

Download the journals free from the links below:

Wishes for My Child

Wishes for My Daughter

Wishes for My Son

Wishes for My Grandchild

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