Parenting at a Distance: How to Excel at Long Distance Parenting

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Parenting at a Distance was written for parents who work away from their families because of secondments overseas, FIFO roles, military deployment or other long-distance travel. It was also designed for parents who would like some practical tips and ideas on how to build or rebuild those precious connections with their kids – while they’re still young enough to appreciate it. Featuring step by step instructions, lots of adaptations for different circumstances, real-life examples and more, this book is for anyone looking to build lasting connections and relationships with their children and families.

The companion book, Play, Challenge, Connect, Relate, offers yet more activity ideas for parents who want to delve even deeper into some of the suggestions in Parenting at a Distance.



You can purchase the full e-book and its companion activity book through Gumroad, by clicking the link below. And you can pay what you want! Emily is also working on some online courses which will become available here as well. Thank you so much for your support.

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If you prefer, you can purchase the ebooks through Amazon by clicking the links below:

Parenting at a Distance

Play, Challenge, Connect, Relate

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