The Informed Parent

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The Informed Parent: Applying Evidence-based Thinking to Your Parenting Journey was written for parents and soon-to-be parents who, like me, feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of parenting advice, information, tips, facts and loud voices online and all around us. If you would like to learn how to apply some scientific thinking and filtering to the noise, this is the book for you. Using plenty of real-life examples and giving you control back over what advice you do and don’t decide to follow, The Informed Parent will fill you with confidence as you start your journey into the unknown.



You can purchase this full e-book through Gumroad by clicking the link below – and you can pay what you want! Emily is making online courses and other material available there as well, so keep an eye out. Thank you very much for your support.

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The book is also available through Amazon at the link below.

The Informed Parent

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